Now you can see the strangely shaped accommodation. It's beautiful camping all over the world. And the launch of the Glamping Tent, which is under a unique shape design. There are various formats. and has a fairy-tale, romantic scent

Many hotels are starting to accept and use canvas glamping tents, and this is a form of prefabricated accommodation that can be easily built. and fast in various places Especially in environments unsuitable for permanent housing construction such as mountains, rivers and forests, the construction of this tent is very good for all types of terrain. In addition, the construction is simple and fast, comfortable indoor accommodation. and warm can be created in a short time

Of course, there are various types of glamping tents to choose from such as Geodesic Dome Tents, Shell Shaped Tents, Modular Box Capsule Shapes, Rhombus Shapes, Hexagon Shapes, Multi Top Tents, and more. with many amenities like a luxury bed Warm furnishings, bathrooms and household appliances. The interior details are intricately managed. To create clean and comfortable accommodation, to bring a hotel-like experience to customers.

Currently, Liri (Thailand) Co., Ltd. provides a full range of sales, installation, decoration and after-sales services. For Various Glamping Tent Products

Glamping Tent

Glamping Tents