Nowadays everywhere around the world, you can see some hotel accommodation facilities with unique and exotic shapes in some scenic areas and camping areas. Glamping tent is one of them, the glamping tents with unique shapes, different themes, which enable you to create romantic scenes like in fairy tales for the camping base.

More and more hotels and camping proprietors are beginning to accept the canvas glamping tents. This is a form of prefabricated building that can be flexibly built. I mean it can be quickly built-in any places outdoors, especially in environments that are not suitable for the construction of fixed buildings, such as mountains, riversides, and forests. These temporary tents structures can be easily adapted for all kinds of terrains. Moreover, the glamping tent assembly is quite simple and fast, a comfortable and cozy indoor space can be created in a short time.

What’s more, there are many types of glamping tents with various shapes for you to choose from, such as geodesic dome tent, shell shape glamping tent, capsule modular box, luxury glamping series with a square outline, hexagon outline, and multi-peaks, etc., each of them can be equipped with various of living facilities, luxury large bed, warm and fragrant decoration, wet separation bathroom, household appliances, all you need for a luxury hotel room. The interior details of the glamping tents are being carefully processed in order to create a clean and comfortable indoor space for the guests to enjoy the star-level hotel experience.

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