Pagoda Tent is not a new product in market, as the tent market keeps developing, Pagoda Tent plays an important supporting role for the various activities, More and more people get used to see this Pagoda Tent in their events gradually, with this type tent's unique appearance and practical inner space.The standard Pagoda Tent series is available in 3x3m, 4x4m, 5x5m, and 6x6m. Pagoda Tent has a side height of 2.5m. This type of Pagoda tent uses a 3 channel 65x65x2.5mm aluminum alloy. The standard 8x8m and 10x10m Pagoda with a 2.6 side height uses a 4 channel 122x68x3mm aluminum alloy and the wind loading is 80km/h (0.3kn/m2).The new fixing method has got design Patents. It is a new fixing method which has massively reduced the installing time and need no help of big machine, and can avoid sliding out. Easy to install and dismantle.

Pagoda Tent not only can be used in combination with other tents but also can used as a single unit, the standard side height is 2.6m. After the development over 10 years, besides the simple PVC sidewalls, more and more accessories are available for the Pagoda Tent, like flooring system, tempered glass wall, double wing tempered glass door, single wing tempered glass door, tent air conditioner, decoration roof lining, decoration side curtains, lights, table, chair and so on. We have thousands of Pagoda Tents in stock for various parties, weddings, exhibitions etc.