The clear span width of our exhibition tent is from 3m to 60m. They can be convenient for all kinds of shows and exhibitions because of their various specifications and shapes. Exhibition tent could make up for limited space, high costs, and monotonic exhibition forms of a traditional building. Exhibition tent is a modular system, and the length can be increased or decreased by 5m bay. There are no center poles inside the tent, so tent space utilization is up to 100%. Also, Tent Hall-TH series’ stability, fire resistance, and wind resistance all meet international standards.

Exhibition tent from Liri Tent can apply to all kinds of exhibitions, whether it’s for short term or long term. Made of aluminum frame and PVC cover, these exhibition tents are anti-UV, wind-resistant, and fireproof. Plus its modular and flexible design, it’s easy to transport and install.
You can install outdoor exhibition tents on various lands, including concrete, lawn, mud ground, etc. With our help, the installation will be much easier. Many people prefer to exhibit in a tent instead of a concrete exhibition hall building because the tent is more economical, eco-friendly, and innovative, but still, save. Therefore, its special structure and custom colors all make the exhibition be a special one.

Exhibition Tents

Exhibition Tents interior